Composite and uPVC Door Problem

Does your door handle look like this?

Most homes in the UK, especially new builds, are most likely to have one of these types of doors. They will almost certainly have a mechanism hidden inside the
door, which most of us are familiar with, where you pull the handle up to engage the various bolts before inserting the keys in the lock to secure it. Thus making you, your family and your property safe.

But what happens if the handle on your door looks like this? Should you leave it?

The simple answer is no.

This could be an indication that the mechanism in your door is about to fail. The result of which could be that you can’t enter or exit your house! Ideally your door handle should be in a horizontal position. Anything less than this and you could be at risk.

So is it cheaper to replace the door than getting it repaired? The answer is no.

The cost of having the mechanism fixed or replaced is far cheaper than having a new door installed.

Locks24 are uPVC repair specialists and can repair and replace and uPVC mechanisms.

So if your door handle looks like this, or you know anyone else who has this problem, then please call one of our local engineers whose details can be found on our Areas Covered tab.

We do not charge a Call Out Fee or VAT and are proud member of Checkatrade.com.

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