Homes broken into at Christmas

Home Security Advice over Chrtistmas

You have put your decorations up. Ordered the food and invited the family. We at Locks24 want this to be a great Christmas for you and not a BAD one.

Not surprisingly, this time of year leading up to the festive period the burglary rate increases.

So instead of your celebrations being spoilt what can you do to stop this happening to you? Below are a few tips.

  1. Keep your windows and door locked at all times.
  2. Those lovely presents you just bought and wrapped in that lovely shiny giftwrap. Don’t put them under the tree just yet. Any opportunistic thief looking in will be tempted.
  3. After unwrapping all your presents don’t leave any packaging outside. Again you are advertising what you have in the house.
  4. Any large or valuable presents you received, use an invisible marker and put your postcode on them.
  5. Don’t leave car keys or handbags on view or large amounts of cash around the house.

But what if you are going out? Then the following will help you.

  1. If you are using a satnav then always take it out of the car. Also remove the suction cup used to secure it to the windscreen
  2. Going out for the night? Then leave a light and the tv or radio on. Even better use timer switches to switch different lights on and off.
  3. Away for a few days? Speak to the neighbours or close relative /friend and ask them to keep an eye on your property.

We hope you found these tips and advice helpful.

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